Du Data 5 GB
+ 3 GB Free Social Data

In any format, e.g. 0551234567 or 971501234567
Price: 210 AED

We accept

About Du More Data service

Du More Data is one of recharge options designed exclusively for Du mobile internet use.
However, you can still use More Credit or More Time to access data at standard pay per use rates.

More Data is available on all data compatible handsets for Pay As You Go®, alo, Visitor Mobile Line and Business Mobile Pay As You Go® Plus customers.

How to check Du balance

You can check your balance by texting «balance» to 1355.

What to do if the money did not come to your account?

Recharge Du More Data 5GB + 3GB Social via
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Visa / MasterCard