eWallet Recharge

In any format, e.g. 0551234567 or 971501234567
Minimum: 1 AED, Maximum: 250 AED.

We accept

What is eWallet?

eWallet is a mobile app provided by Etisalat and Noor Bank to handle all your payments!
Send & receive money on your UAE mobile line, Pay Etisalat bills & Merchants.

How to send money to eWallet?

At QuickRecharge.ae select eWallet Recharge.
Then enter your mobile number and the amount to recharge.
Click the «Add to cart» button and proceed to the payment.
You will receive your balance.

What documents required to use Etisalat eWallet?

Only Emirates ID and mobile phone is required to register Etisalat eWallet account.
There no registration fees, no minimum balance and bank account is not required.

What I can do with eWallet?

  • Send money to any mobile number in the UAE regardless if they are registered or not;
  • Send money to any bank in the UAE;
  • Receive money from any eWallet user;
  • Receive money from any bank in the UAE;
  • Pay a growing list of merchants; both physical and online;
  • Pay your bills.

What to do if the money did not come to your account?

Recharge eWallet Recharge via
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Visa / MasterCard